Grievance Redressal and Information System (E-Grip) Portal

Employee Grievance Redressal and Information System (E-Grip) portal has been launched in Howrah Division. The portal can be accessed through the internet on a web


The objective of the Portal-

  • To enable employees to register complaints about the organization.
  • To apply online for Railway Quarters.
  • To register the complaint of Railway Quarters.
  • Safety complaints and access to safety-related information.
This will enable the employees to monitor the solution of their registered complaint/application in real-time.

Responsibilities to Proper Functioning-

  1. CMSs and BOs will be responsible for ensuring the wide dissemination of portal related information in all work units under their control to enable maximum registration. Registration monitored by BO through the portal.
  2. Sr. DSTE Supervisor / OS / Control is responsible for generating user IDs and passwords. CMS, BO, and Super Admins will report on general maintenance and upkeep of hardware and software, report generation, and troubleshooting. The Sr. DSTE will also set up a weekly report on the progress of redressal of grievances/applications.
  3. CMS and BOs will make arrangements for the speedy resolution of complaints/applications received on the portal to all supervisors and officers.
  4. Sr. DSO will also be responsible for uploading security complaints and reviewing and resolving security documents and safety advice. All levels of security complaints will be forwarded to the relevant control at the first level, so BOs will provide control advice and monitoring of security complaint settlement.
  5. CMS and BOs to monitor-

i. Concerned staff grievances and redressal.
ii. Quarters applications and their disposal.
iii. Quarters Complaints.

You can make your complaint on NIVARAN-Grievance Portal also. This is a special grievance redressal initiative of Indian Railways. Complaints can be lodged from all zones on this portal.


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