CRIS Signer Installation Process in TMS for Windows

A digital signature is required to return scrap disposal in TMS (Track Management System). The software that runs it is CrisSigner. CrisSigner was created and developed by CRIS (Centre for Railway Information System), to run a digital signature in TMS. Most of the users have faced trouble installing it. So we will learn how to install it.
tms crissigner

To install CRIS Signer in TMS Java must be installed according to the configure of your system (32 or 64 bit).

This is done with the following steps:

Step-I: Java Download & Install
Step-II: System & Security Setup
Step-III: Cris Signer Download & Install
Step-IV: Update Profile & Register Certificate

Step-I: Java Download & Install

Download Java by the given link according to the system bit (32 or 64 bit). Once the download is complete, go to the specific file and install it. This step is not required if Java is already installed.

Step-II: System & Security Setup

  •  At first, go to the "Control Panel". Then click on "System and Security".
  •  Then click upon "Windows Defender Wall"
  • Click on "Advanced Setting".
  • "Windows Defender Wall Properties".
  • The "Firewall State" is already on, we will Off this.

Step-III: Cris Signer Download & Install

  • Log in to the TMS home page and click the lower corner on "CrisSigner Download"
  • After download and Successfully installed the CrisSigner a shortcut icon appears on the desktop. Right-click on the icon and select "Run as Administrator". Then restart the system. 

Step-IV: Update Profile & Register Certificate

  • Now plug your Digital Signature on your system then go to My Computer or This PC and right-click on the DSC icon then open it and double click on the e-pass token. It will be installed after some time and show Java Access. After Completion of the process log in to TMS and click on the "Update Profile" of the TMS home page.
  • Then click on "Register Certificate for Digital Signature".
  • Put the TMS login password and click upon "click here for registration".
  • Select the Certificate and Click on "Select".
  • Then input the Token Password of the Digital Signature key and "log in". Token password generally writes on the Digital Signature key. 

Now the system is ready to run the Cris Signer and we can submit or forward scrap material for further disposal or necessary action.  

  • TMS has published a video for 'Scrap Disposal'. It will help how to do the check test and forward a scrap lot.

To Watch The Video Click Here

Note: Sometimes CrisSigner will not running condition and a message appears that "Signer service is not ready in your computer". At this moment right-click on the CrisSigner icon on the desktop and click on Run as Administrator then yes. After completing the process CrisSigner will run in the system.


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