Track Tamping Machines-Duomatic

Track Tamping Machines

After repeatedly passing traffic, the track progressively, causing the desired vertical and horizontal alignment to separate. Ballast tamping is a packing process to restore the geometry and to rearrange the ballast under the slipper to keep the track in place and provide it with a homogeneous ballast bed. The track should be dismantled at regular intervals to ensure that trains are able to travel safely at the normal speed of the line. Previously the track was tamped by manual which did not last long and it was hard work.
Any modern railway today, tamping machines with automated lifting, lining, and synchronized tamping on the open track, turnouts, splice joints, etc. are essential for maintaining the track at the required standards.

Temping Machine - Duomatic

    Different Type of Tamping Machines:

    1. Plain Track Tamping Machines

    I. Universal Tamping machine (UT)
    II. 08-16 Unimatic
    III. 08-32 Duomatic
    IV. 09-32 Continuous Action Tamping Machine (CSM)
    V. 09-3x Tamping Express
    VI. 08-32 WST

    2. Points and Crossing Tamping Machines

    I. 08-275 Unimat
    II. 08-275-3S Unimat
    III. 08-275-4S Unimat

    3. Multi-purpose Tamper (MPT)

    Temping Express


    The main functions of tamping machines are:
    1. Correction of Alignment
    2. Correction of longitudinal and cross levels, and
    3. Packing under the sleepers

    Tamping Units-

    Two independent tamping units are provided, one for each rail. These are attached to the machine frame by means of vertical guiding columns. The tamping units may be for tamping one sleeper or two sleepers or three sleepers at a time depending upon the type and model of the tamping machine. 16 tamping tools are provided for tamping each sleeper.

    Tamping Tool of Duomatic Tamping Tool of Tamping Exp
    The tools are vibrated by piston rods pivoted on an electric shaft driven by hydraulic motors with the following parameters:
    1. Number of revolutions of the vibratory shaft -  2100rpm (approx)
    2. The vibration frequency of tamping tools - 35 Hz. (approx)
    3. The amplitude of oscillation of tamping tools - 10 mm

    The output of various type of machines:

    1. Duomatic - 1200 to 1400 sleepers/hour.
    2. Continuous Tamper (CSM)- 2200-2300  sleepers/hour.
    3. 09-3X Tamping Express- 2700-3500 sleepers/hour.


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