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Indian Railway has launched the e- Privilege Pass/PTO module in the Human Resource Management System (HRMS) on 10.08.2020 and the same has been operationalized across all Indian Railways. The e-Pass module has been developed by CRIS under the HRMS project and will be rolled out over Indian Railways in a phased manner. HRMS project is a comprehensive plan for the digitization of the complete HR process of the Indian Railway. A total of 21 modules have been planned in HRMS. The provision of physical passes shall be there up to 31.10.2020, from 01.11.2020 onwards, Privilege Pass/PTO is available only in digital form. The complimentary passes for retired employees in digital mode also available from 01.10.2020.  

online e-pass

    Advantage of e-Pass-

    1. Earlier the process for the issuance of passes has been largely manual in Indian Railways. Also, there was no facility for booking tickets online on the pass for railway employees. Ticket booking on pass may also be done online on the IRCTC site apart from the earlier facility of counter booking from the PRS/UTS counter. No convenience fee shall be levied by IRCTC in case of online booking of tickets using e-Privilege Pass/PTO.
    2. Employees will be able to apply for a pass online from anywhere and get the e-pass generated online, railway officials need to travel across distances for official work. This will boost the operational efficiency of officials.
    3. Railway employee is neither supposed to come to the office for applying for a pass nor has to wait for a pass being issued.
    4. Employees will be able to apply for the pass online from anywhere and get the e-pass generated online. The complete process of application and generation of the pass is mobile-friendly. 
    5. This facility will help railway employees in using their passes hassle-free and simultaneously make the working of all officials involved in the issuance of passes smooth.

    User Guide for Employee

    How to Apply-

    Go to HRMS web application URL and login with HRMS user ID & Password and enter OTP received on registered Mobile No.
    HRMS web application URL-https://hrms.indianrail.gov.in/HRMS

    • Declaration of Manual Passes & Pass Family-

    1. Request your Pass Clerk for entry of manual pass.
    2. Click on Pass> Pass set List menu when entered by Pass Clerk.
    3. Click on Confirm if the entered information is correct. If there is some discrepancy, click on Return to Clerk for modification.
    4. Once Confirm, click on the Pass Set List menu. A popup window appears and shows the complete family declaration of the user.
    5. Select the member for Pass Family Declaration and click on Submit.

    • e-Pass Application-

    1. Click on Pass> Pass set List menu.
    2. Select pass Type Privilege Pass and Click on Go.
    3. Click on Available full Set Count.
    4. To Create a fresh application click on New Application.
    5. Pass for new application will open and fill in the traveling details and select the family members to be included in Pass. According to Pay Level and pass usage Upgraded Pass shall be displayed. 
    6. Click on Save as Draft to save or Submit
    After submitting the application an SMS is sent to the registered Mobile No. for information about the pass application of employees. 

    • Application for split pass-

    1. Login to the HRMS application.
    2. Go to Pass>My Issued Pass menu. A list of all issued passes will be shown.
    3. Click on Apply beside the pass number against which a split pass needs to be applied.
    4. Select From & to stations of travel and upload the necessary documents (approval from a competent authority). Also, enter the reason for applying for the split pass and click on Apply.
    5. To view the status of the application click on Applied and details of the application will be shown.

    • Pass Cancellation-

    1. Login to the HRMS application.
    2. Go to Pass>My Issued Pass menu. A list of all issued passes will be shown.
    3. Click on Cancel against the UPN which needs to be canceled. Enter the reason for cancellation, upload the approval document from the competent authority, and click on Submit.
    All rules pertaining to the booking of tickets, revalidation, usage, changing, etc. regarding privilege pass/PTO shall remain the same in privilege pass/PTO, with minor operational amendments, where ever required. 
    Pass Entitle details is available under pass menu.

    The number of sets of privilege passes admissible to the Railway Servants is as under-
    1. Gazetted Officers - 6 sets in a year.
    2. Non- gazetted staff up to 5th year of service one set in a year and from 6th year onward 3 sets in a year.
    In addition, Railway employees are entitled to get 4 sets of Privilege Ticket Order (PTO) every year. It can be exchanged for an ordinary ticket on payment of one-third of the actual fare.

    ☆ NOTE: On clicking Generate button, Pass/PTO application will not be sent to Pass clerk and Pass issuing Authority and Pass/PTO will be generated automatically and immediately. Please fill in the details carefully before applying.

    E-Ticketing Process by E-Pass from IRCTC

    1. Log intoIRCTC by User ID and Password ➝Plan Your Journey ➝Tick on the check box Railway Pass Concession ➝ , Yes the popup window➝ Fill up passenger name, select by pass & fill up pass number.
    2. Log into HRMS by using User ID & Password ➝e-Pass Issued PassGenerate Pass Code.
    3. A Code with a pass number will send to your registered mobile number.
    4. Again go to your IRCTC ID and input your code in every passenger. After complete, the process continues.


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