Rules for Passengers

Railway keeps on changing its rules from time to time. Therefore, it is necessary for the people traveling through the train to be aware of this. Railways have made some such rules so that passengers can get convenience.

  1. Now co-passenger around you can talk on mobile in loud voice nor can he listen to songs in loud voice. After the complaint made by the passengers, the Railways made this rule. This will not disturb the sleep of the passengers. There is also a provision of action for those who do not follow these rules.

    According to the new rules of the railway, if the complaint on behalf of the passenger in a train is not resolved, then it will be the responsibility of the train staff. An order has been issued by the Ministry of Railways to all the zones that the rules should be implemented with immediate effect.

    It is worth mentioning that the Railway Ministry often received complaints from passengers that their co-traveller was listening to songs on mobile in loud voice. Apart from this, a complaint was also received that people are talking in a loud voice while sitting in the group. At the same time, there have been many disputes regarding lighting and extinguishing. For this reason, the ministry has made new rules.

  2. Rail rules for middle berths are often seen, as soon as a person leaves the train during the day, the middle berth is open and lying down. As a result, the passengers below have to suffer. According to the rules of the railways, a passenger in a middle berth can sleep in his own berth from 10 pm to 8 am.

    If a person wants to open the middle berth before 10 pm, TTE can stop him. In the same way this berth has to be opened after 8 am so that passengers can sit down.

    Normally most people start falling asleep after 10 pm. Therefore, passengers in the middle berth have been allowed to open the berth and lie down after 10 pm. On the other hand, sleeping till 8 am is considered sufficient, so then there is a rule to open the berth.

  3. Many people have a complaint while traveling on long distance train, not getting lower berth or better lower berth during the journey. Those who travel by train; Lower berth is a very comfortable thing for them. In addition, the lower berth is also very important for the senior citizens of the country. Due to their physical condition, they cannot get up in the upper or middle berth in many cases. So lower berth booking became very important for the passengers. According to the IRCTC, there are certain rules for booking lower berths for senior citizens. If there are more than two senior citizens, it is not always possible to give a confirmed lower berth in their case. Also, if two passengers travel together on the same ticket and one of them is a senior citizen and the other is not, then in many cases you get a confirmed lower berth. In addition, in the case of men, the age of these senior citizens must be 60 No one under the age of 60 will be considered a senior citizen. In the case of women, however, the age limit is 45.
  4. It is often seen that in case of emergency one has to go to the destination by train. Anyone can read in such a situation. They have important information. In this case, there is no need to panic unnecessarily. You can board the train without a reservation ticket. In the past, ticket booking was one of the most effective ways to deal with such situations. But getting a ticket right now is not an easy task. There is a rule here that you can book a ticket without reservation and go to the destination by train. If you want to buy a ticket from the station, you have to go to that station quickly and buy a platform ticket. Any passenger can board the train with a platform ticket. However, he has to go to the ticket checker quickly and prepare the ticket before leaving the train. This rule has been made on behalf of the railways. Remember, you must contact TTE for this. TTE can then book a ticket to your destination station. Many times the seats on the train are not empty. In such a situation, TTE will not be able to give you a seat in a very normal way. But he can't stop you from going to your destination. In this case TTE will collect the fine from you and take the full fare of the destination. But he can't give you a seat because the seat is full. However, after getting the ticket and paying the fine, you were allowed to reach the destination by train. In this case you have to stand. Railways have made many such rules keeping in mind the convenience of common people. However, passengers are often unaware of these rules.
  5. Just as there are many benefits to booking tickets online, there are also many benefits to getting a refund if the ticket is not canceled or confirmed.

    Many passengers book tickets on the waiting list in the hope of a confirmed ticket. However, in many cases, the tickets on the waiting list are not confirmed. And if the ticket on the waiting list is not confirmed, the passengers will not be able to travel with that ticket. If the ticket on the waiting list is not confirmed, it is automatically canceled by Indian Railways. However, if your ticket changes from the waiting list to RAC, you can travel. Passengers can also cancel the ticket if they want.

    According to the IRCTC's website about the rules for refunds after tickets on the waiting list have been canceled, if the tickets on the waiting list are not confirmed, the IRCTC automatically cancels them. In addition, if the ticket is not confirmed, it can be canceled automatically.

    In that case the money is returned to the account from which the money was paid at the time of booking the ticket. In that case full ticket refund is given. However, if any facility or transaction charge has been taken while booking the ticket, it is not refunded.



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