Full Form of Railway Terms

Abbreviation    Stand for


ACD-Anti Collision Device
AIMS- Accounting Information Management System
AEN-Assistant Engineer or ADEN - Assistant Divisional Engineer
ANC -  Actual Nose of Crossing 
ARMV -  Accident Relief Medical Vans
ARME -  Accident Relief Medical Equipment
ART -  Accident Relief Train
AT -  Alumino Thermite 
ATC -  Automatic Train Control
ATS -  Actual Toe of Switch


BCM-Ballast Cleaning Machine 
BMS-Bridge Management System


CBE - Chief Bridge Engineer
CMS - Cast Manganese Steel
CONCOR - Container Corporation of India
CRIS - Centre for Railway Information System
CRS - Commissioner of Railway Safety 
CSM - Continuous Squeezing Machine
CSO - Chief Safety Officer
CTC - Centralized Traffic Control
CTE - Chief Track Engineer
C&W - Carriage and Wagon
CWR - Continuous Welded Rails 


DEN - Divisional Engineer
DEMU - Diesel Electric Multiple Unit
DFL - Danger Flood Level
DFM - Divisional Finance Manager
DMT - Departmental Material Train
DMTR - Daily Material Transaction Report
DMU - Diesel Multiple Unit
DOM - Divisional Operating Manager
DPO - Divisional Personnel Officer
DRM - Divisional Railway Manager
DSO - Divisional Safety Officer


ERC - Elastic Rail Clip
EMU - Electric Multiple Unit


F.M.- Falling Mark 
FOB - Foot Over Bridge


GFN - Glass Filled Nylon
GMT - Gross Million Tonne
GPS - Global Positioning System


HFL - Highest Flood Level


ICF - Integral Coach Factory 
IMR - Immediate Removal
IPAS - Integrated Payroll & Accounting System.
IRCON - Indian Railway Construction Company Ltd.
IRCTC - Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation
IRFC - Indian Railway  Finance Corporation Ltd.
IRICEN - Indian Railways Institute of Civil Engineering    
IOW - Inspector of Works


LC - Level Crossing
LHS - Limited Height Sub-Way
LPC - Last Pay Certificate
LV - Last Vehicle 
LWR - Long Welded Rails


MACPModified Assured Career Progression
MEMU - Mainline Electric Multiple Unit
MSL - Mean Sea Level


OHE - Over Head Equipment 
OMS - Oscillation Monitoring System


PCE - Principal Chief Engineer
PNR - Passenger Name Record 
PQRS - Plasser Quick Relaying System
PRC- Prestressed Reinforced Concrete 
PSC Sleeper - Pre-stressed Concrete Sleeper
PTO - Privilege Ticket Order
PWI - Permanent Way Inspector


RAC - Reservation Against Cancellation 
RDPS - Rute Data file Preparation System  
RDSO - Research Designs and Standards Organization  
RITES - Rail India Technical and Economic Service Ltd.
ROB - Road Over Bridge
RUB - Road Under Bridge
RPF - Railway Protection Force
RRI - Route Relay Interlocking 
RVNL - Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd. 


SE - Super Elevation 
SEJ - Switch Expansion Joint
SKV - Schweiss Verfahran mint Kruz
SM - Station Master/Manager
SRJ - Stock Rail Joint
SSE - Senior Section Engineer
S&T - Signal and Telecommunication
STI -  Technical Specification of Interoperability 
SWR - Short Welded Rail


T/G - Termination of Goods Train
TGI - Track Geometry Index
TMO - Track Machine Operator
TMS - Track Management System
T/P - Termination of Passenger Tarin
TQI- Track Quality Index
TRC - Track Recording Car
TRD - Traction Distribution Department 
TWS - Thick Web Switch 
TVU - Train Vehicle Unit 


UDM - User Depot Module
USFD - Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
UTCS - Uropean Train Control System
UTS - Ultimate Tensile Strength 
UTV - Utility Track Vehicle


IRWCMS-Indian Railway Works Contract Management System
W/L - Whistle Board for Level Crossing


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