PKI Server Setup in IREPS or IMMS

PKI Server Installation

PKI Server or Public Key information Server to be set up for DSC run in computer. Mozilla Firefox is the best browser for the PKI Server setup in IMMS. IMMS continue for requisition of non stock items. So we will learn how to set up a PKI server in the Mozilla Firefox browser for IMMS

pki server setup

When going to login to IREPS, you see the message Signer service is not ready or PKI server not ready and can't login.
How to solve this? Follow the steps below and login successfully.

  1. Download and install Mozilla Firefox.
  2. Download, install and configure Java.
  3. PKI setup and configuration.

User Guide
  1. Download Mozilla by clicking on the given link. Once the download is complete, go to the specific file and install it.

     Click here - to download Mozilla

  2. Download Java by clicking on the given link. Once the download is complete, go to the specific file and install it.

    Click here- to Java download manually

    Then go to the control panel and click on the program to see the Java symbol. Right-click on the Java symbol and select Open. Then click on Security, click on the Edit Site button below to add the site. That means you have to add the IREPS site, then you have to do ok.

  3. If you open the IREPS website the first window opens, click on ‘CLOSE’.Then click on the login button, you will see IMMS in the drop-down menu. Clicking on the IMMS menu will open a new window. 

    You will see three options in this window, click on the first option 'Click here to Download the PKI server Setup Utility'

    and you will see two options again. Clicking on the first option 'Download Setup Utility', a file will save on the computer. Double-clicking on the file will install the PKI software then click on Update on the previous same window. After some time Setup Completed Successfully a PKI shortcut icon will appear on the desktop.

    Right-clicking on this PKI shortcut icon and selecting 'Run as Administrator' and 'Allow access' then PKI Server will run. Going back to the previous window and clicking on the second option 'configure the Trust Setting of PKI Server', a new window will open. Clicking on the second option 'Advanced....' a new window will open the IMMS login page by clicking on the last option 'Accept the Risk and Continue'  below.

PKI Surver Setup for IMMS (UDM)

IREPS has create a new page IMMS (UDM) for requisition. The new IMMS (UDM) DSC configure is different from the old IMMS portal. A Signer software to be installed for DSC web-signer. Google Chrome is the best browser for login the new IMMS (UDM). IREPS has also changed the material management system. Login for IMMS (UDM) DSC is mandatory

IREPS launch a Signer Service to run DSC. To install the signer service click on "IREPS Signer (Version 1.5)" in Download Section.

To Install IREPS Signer Service follow the steps-
  1. JAVA Download and Install:Click on the above link and click latest version of JAVA download link. After completion of the file install it successfully.
  2. Signer Service Download and Install:Click on the link download latest version of Signer Utility. After completion of the file install successfully.

Sometimes web signer does not work or run, to run the web signer right-click on the Signer Service icon on the desktop and click on Run as Administrator then click yes.


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