Digital Signature Certificate for Railway e-Tender

DSC for IREPS e-Tender

 A digitally signed certificate electronically authenticates your identity. It provides you with a high level of protection for your online transactions by ensuring the absolute privacy of information exchanged using digital certificates. You can use certificates to encrypt information that only the intended recipient can read. You can digitally sign the information to confirm to the recipient that it has not been changed in transit, and to verify your identity as the sender of the message.

Digital signature certificates are required for all e-procurement processes, including those approved under the Information Technology Act and with legal status. Railway E-tendering on ireps has been made possible through digital signature certificates. A Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is required for companies wishing to participate or participate in the e-tendering process on the Indian Railways site ireps. Enabling e-tendering which is extremely convenient and transparent, a digital signature certificate ensures more security in other online transactions.

DSC for Railway e-Tender

E-procurement has gained significant popularity and acceptance as it has brought greater transparency to the entire system. Among other benefits, it helps buyers and bidders overcome geographical constraints, shorten purchasing cycles, and keep pace with current technology as a whole.

    Digital Signing Certificates (DSC)-

    1. It is issued to the person specified by name and is mapped to a specific personal E-mail ID.
    2. It is NOT  issued to any designation. 
    3. Usage and safe custody is the responsibility of the person whose name issued.
    4. Not to be handed over to anyone else for use even after transfer or superannuation.
    5. To be purchased as a consumable and not T&P.
    6. In case of loss, get it revoked from issuing authority.
    7. Device driver required to use DSC.  Supplied by the supplier of DSC.

    Class Selection of DSC-

    Digital Signature Certificate or DSC are classified into different classes by CAA, namely Class 0, Class 1, Class 2,& Class 3, and formatted as Signature and Encryption
    Class 1: 
    do not hold any legal validity as the validation process is based only on a valid e-mail ID and involves no direct verification.

    Class 2: 
    The identity of a person (valid E-mail ID)  is verified against a trusted, pre-verified database but no personal verification is involved.

    Class 3: 
    The highest level where the person needs to present himself or herself in front of a Registration Authority (RA) and prove his/ her identity. The E-mail ID mentioned at the time of application needs to be verified online, prior to the issue of Digital signature. 

    Any representative wishing to apply for e-tendering in Indian Railways, who is authorized to submit online offers for e-tendering applications, must have a Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate with Signature and Encryption both registered in his name.

    The private key associated with the digital signatures needs to be stored securely. For application, USB Crypto Tokens (e-Token) shall be used by default for the storage of the private key and associate certificates and it has a password is called Token Password

    Purchase of DSC-

    DSC services and required crypto-tokens shall be purchased only from the CCA-approved Certification Authorities (CA). The website of CCA shall be checked to ascertain the approved agencies.

    Under the IT Act 2000, the Office of the Controller of Certifying Authorities is set up with the responsibility for setting up and operating the National Root CA, the National Repository, and for licensing, regulating, and overseeing licensed Certifying Authorities. DSCs issued by any CA irrespective of whether it is in the private or Government sector are all legally valid under the IT Act. 

    In case, for any reason, DSC’s/ tokens need to be procured from other CCA-approved sources, it shall be ensured by the indentor/purchaser that the DSC software is compatible with the applications on which these are planned to be used.

    The following CCA certifies the CA Public Keys and issues a certificate.

    1. Safescrypt
    2. IDRBT
    3. (n)Code Solutions
    4. e-Mudhra
    5. CDAC
    6. Capricorn
    7. NSDL e-Gov
    8. Vsign (Verasys)
    9. Indian Air Force
    10. CSC
    11. RISL (RajComp)
    12. Indian Army
    13. IDSign
    14. CDSL Ventures
    15. Panta Sign

    Local authorised Cyber Cafe arrange help to purchase Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) by some fees.

    Require document for DSC’s-

    1. Aadhaar ID
    The applicant shall have an Aadhaar ID
    2. Personal Email ID
    Applicants shall have a personal email ID. The applicant shall ensure that the email account is functional.
    The email account mandatorily requires the user to register a cellphone number. The number used should preferably be such that it remains permanently with the user and an officially issued cellphone number should be avoided. 
    3. Organization Details
    An organization's detail is required on its own pad with the signature of the head of the organization.
    Note: Self attested documents are not accepted by CAs for DSC issuance.

    Validity and Renew-

    Digital Signature is a valid minimum of two years. After the failure of validation, it will be renewed as the same certificate. In case of loss/damage of token or loss of PIN, locking out due to multiple wrong PINs, etc, the services provider may levy certain charges for recovery/reissue. 

    To run DSC follow the steps-
    This computer/My Computer> Right Click on DSC Sign>Run as administrator>Click on Yes>Install.

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