LWR: Long Welded Rail a length of welded rail greater than 250 m on BG will normally function as LWR.

CWR: Continuous Welded Rail is an LWR, Distressing of which may be required to be carried out in parts. The maximum length of CWR under Indian Railways conditions shall normally be restricted to one block section.

SWR: Short Welded Rail is a welded rail, which contracts and expands throughout its length

Let's Started

  • Breathing Length is that length at each end of LWR/CWR, which is subjected to expansion/contraction on account of temperature variation
  • Buffer Rail is a set of rails provided in lieu of SEJ at the ends of LWR/CWR to allow expansion/contraction of adjoining breathing lengths due to temperature variation

SEJ: Switch Expansion Joint is an expansion joint installed at each end of LWR/CWR to permit expansion/contraction of the adjoining breathing lengths due to temperature variation.

  • Initial gaps at SEJ to be provided at td- 40 mm
  • Maintain gaps at SEJ- 40 to 120 mm


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